• Can I cancel an order?
  • You can cancel your order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel an order without contacting us first. Please always contact our customer service desk by phone or email and contact form using paleisjeamsterdam@gmail.com or by phone 020-6251409 if you want to cancel an order. Our customer service staff will be delighted to assist you. You will not be charged when canceling an order. Please allow for a couple of business days for the full refund to reach your bank account, If your order has already entered the shipping process it can no longer be canceled. Please return the order after you have received it.
  • Can I order by phone?
  • We try to make placing an order as convenient as possible. Unfortunately though, you cannot order by phone. Please place your order with Amsterdam-souvenirs.nl through our website for your best convenience and comfort and conclude your payment in the safe web environment of your own bank.
  • Can I order from outside the Netherlands?
  • You are very welcome to order your souvenirs from around the globe at Amsterdam-souvenirs.nl. We will ship your order world wide. You will be shown the shipping costs when you order.
  • I did not receive an order confirmation email, what could be the problem?
  • You will be sent an automatically generated confirmation email message when you have placed your order. When you do not receive a confirmation email message in your inbox, the email address you provided might not be correct. If you created an account with us, please check and edit the email address you provided on your account page. Please check your spam inbox. All your orders will be listed on your account page as well.


Pay your order


  • How can I pay my order?
  • For your convenience, amsterdam-souvenirs.nl accepts payment using: Ideal, PayPal, VisaCard, EuroCard, Bank transfers, Maestro and Sofort.
  • I received a zero-amount invoice with my item, why?
  • Additional shipments will include a 0.00 euro invoice. The additionally shipped item will be listed on the original invoice included with the first shipment of your order. The € 0.00  invoice included with the additional shipment can be regarded as a packing slip. The €0.00  invoice will also be included with replacements you receive when you have returned items. The € 0.00  invoice included with your replaced item will serve as your new invoice and warranty certificate. This new €0.00  invoice will be linked to your original order.
  • My order was rejected, why?
  • You probably live in a newly built dwelling and your address has not yet been added to our zip code database. Please contact our customer service desk at: paleisjeamsterdam@gmail.com for easiest and fastest fixing of any problem. Payments can be rejected by AfterPay company. When a payment is rejected, it will show immediately at check out on the web site. If a payment is rejected by AfterPay after check out, you will be notified by email message. For information about payment rejection, please contact customer service of the relevant organisation.
  • I cannot process my payment, what can I do now?
  • All payments are handled in the secure web environment of your bank, creditcard company or AfterPay. If you have any questions about the processing of your payment, please contact the relevant customer service.





  • What are the shipping costs?
  • All deliveries within the Netherlands will be made by Post.nl. shipping costs for orders up to€ 75.00  are €6.95. Orders above €75.00  are shipped free of charge within the Netherlands. We will ship your order world wide. Shipping costs for foreign orders, outside the Netherlands, will be calculated using Post.nl rates.

  • When will my order be delivered?
  • When your order on a business day prior to 14.00 pm, and the item is in stock, we will ship you order the same day! Please allow for delays when ordering during the weekend or on Holidays. Large, and special deliveries will be handled by our trusted partner E&M express located in Hollandsche Rading. We will carefully package your order for best damage protection.
  • Can I collect my order at your shop?
  • If you prefer to collect your order at our shop in Amsterdam, we will notify you when your order is ready for you. Our shop address is:
    Het adres van de winkel is:
    ‘t Paleisje B.V
    Paleisstraat 51012 RB Amsterdam
  • I did not receive a Track&Trace code, why not?
  • If you did not yet receive a Track & Trace email message, your order might not yet have been shipped. Please check the delivery period of your order. Please check your email spam inbox.

    When in doubt, feel free to contact our customer service desk using email paleisjeamsterdam@gmail.com or by phone: 020-6251409.

Exchanges and returns


  • Can I return items I purchased online?

1) You can return an item within 14 days after delivery. Please return the item unused in the original packaging. You must cover the shipping costs.

When returning items, please observe these simple steps:

  1. Please fill in this return form you see below, or send an email to paleisjeamsterdam@gmail.com Please be sure to include the order number in your email.
  2. Please package the item carefully for damage protection.
  3. Please sent the item to:
    ‘t Paleisje B.V 
    Paleisstraat 5
    1012RB Amsterdam
  4. When we receive your item, we wil send you a confirmation email.
  5. If we have received the item in good condition, as mentioned above under 1), we will transfer a refund for your order within seven days after we received your returned item.
  • I received a damaged or broken item, what do I do?
  • When you do not receive your order in perfect condition, for example when transport damage has occured, please return the damaged item to us and will resend you a replacement as soon as possible. You will not be charged. Please include the original invoice with the unused item in the original packaging if this is still possible.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer srevice desk using email: paleisjeamsterdam@gmail.com or by phone 020-6251409. Our staff can be reached on week days from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. local time.
  • When will my refund be issued?
  • If we receive your damaged return in good order, we will refund you within seven days after we received your returned item.
  • Where can I file a complaint, and when will you respond?
  • We at Amsterdam-souvenirs will do our utmost to serve our customers as best we can. Still, if you are not fully satisfied and you want to make a complaint please communicate your complaint by email, phone, or mail as you prefer. be sure to include your full address, phone number, and, or, email address and your order number. We will address your complaint as soon as possble and we will respond to your complaint within fourteen days.

    You can reach us:

    by email : paleisjeamsterdam@gmail.com
    by phone: 020-6251410
    by mail: 
    ‘t Paleisje B.V
    Paleisstraat 5
    1012 RB