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You are very welcome at the amsterdam-souvenirs.nl webshop


Amsterdam-souvenirs.nl is an extension of our physical shop 't Paleisje B.V

't Paleisje B.V. was founded in 1999, and it's located in the centre of Amsterdam at the Paleisstraat 5, next to the Royal Palace at de Dam. 't Paleisje has gained our customer's approval because of our well displayed and sharply priced 

Our shop caters especially to the many tourists visiting Amsterdam. Besides souvenirs,we also sell tobacco products, sweets, foreign newspapers, magazines and books in our physical shop.

You will find the items that we offer through our web shop a nice additon to our assortment. Through our web shop, we offer a wide and varied range of Dutch souvenirs, Delft's Blue souvenirs, Amsterdam souvenirs and Dutch Gifts Our years of experience selling souvenirs enable us in particular to give you the right advice and a good deal. We have much experience working with and selling to businesses. Many businesses have preceded you ordering Goodie-Bags, Gift Souvenirs, or a Dutch Gift Packages from us. You are free to pick and choose components for your personalised Amsterdam, or Holland Souvenir Parcel. 

You are welcome to visit our shop or call 020-6251409. Is your business or hotel located in the centre of amsterdam? We deliver free and fast!!

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